Best Tips to Help Cut Your Car Insurance Premiums

Feb 04, 19 Best Tips to Help Cut Your Car Insurance Premiums

Owning a car is a necessity – a costly necessity. Aside from the actual cost of the vehicle, there are other recurrent costs associated with owning a car such as its maintenance, fuel and car insurance. However, you don’t have to be broke to own a car. There are ways you can do to reduce these expenses, particularly on your auto insurance.

Below we list down some strategies to help cut your car insurance premium.

  1. Eliminating optional coverages

Chances are you’re unaware about the optional coverages included in your car insurance policy, such as collision and comprehensive coverage. If you have an older car, it may be wise to drop the collision coverage which provides coverage for any damage you cause to the vehicle. Consider weighing the cost of your chosen deductibles and the value of your car.

  1. Drive safely

The more moving violations and accidents you get involved in, the higher your annual premiums become. As such, you have to keep your record clean by avoiding speeding and staying out of accidents. This includes equipping your car with necessary safety accessories. For instance, if you frequently drive at night, you might need to invest in a reliable car light such as this 20-inch LED light bar reviewed at  Driving safely can save you 5% or more on you insurance premium.

  1. Use one insurance company

Consider using only one insurance provider for all policies you currently have. By bundling multiple insurance plans, you can ask for a discount for up to 10% of the total premium. This is a great way to save up on you car insurance.

  1. Choose a car that is less prone to theft

Insurance rates vary greatly due to many factors. Vehicles that are more likely to be stolen frequently have higher premiums. So, it’s best to drive a car that is less attractive to thieves.

  1. Choose a safe car

If you are just planning to buy a car, make sure to pick one that is considered a “safe car.” Take note that cars are rated on a risk scale and car models with far higher accident claims tend to be charged with higher premiums. Usually, these safe cars are equipped with added safety features that protect its occupant in case of a crash. However, if you already have a car and it happens to be rated as a high-risk car, you should install additional safety features. Installing an LED light bar like this can help make your car safer.

  1. Change your tires seasonally

Save up to 5% on your car insurance premiums by simply using winter tires. But more than just cutting on your insurance costs, this should ensure that your safety while driving on frozen roads.

  1. Compare car insurance quotes

Many car owners simply renew their current car insurance plan for convenience. Unfortunately, you might be overpaying for premiums. Car insurance rates regularly change. It’s best to get quotes from different insurers before renewal.

  1. Get discount for paying fully

Many insurance providers offer up to 10 percent discount if you can pay the full cost before its effective date. So, even before your present car insurance policy expires, begin saving up so that you can pay-in-full your new car insurance premium.

Make sure you don’t miss out on these tips and be surprised at how much you can actually save!