Does Your Health Insurance Cover Pain Treatment?

Thousands of people suffer from chronic pain conditions, particularly back pain. In their battle with chronic pain, these people bear yet another unnecessary struggle – health insurance coverage for pain treatment.

Many find that their health policy does not actually cover certain chronic pain treatments, or that there are tiresome obstacles that they still need to hurdle before having their treatment covered. Some people with chronic back pain benefit from using a Pillows for neck pain (check out this link for more information about this alternative neck pain treatment), unfortunately, not all policies will pay for its cost. It would help to discuss with your health policy provider whether a treatment is covered or not.

Here let’s take a look at some chronic pain treatments usually covered by health insurance.

Pain Medication

Majority of health insurance covers the cost of prescription pain medications. The frequency of medication refilling depends on the doctor’s prescription. Some insurance may have limitations. For some types of pain medications, you may be required to visit your physician every few months to keep the prescription active or to request a new prescription.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps increase strength, improve range of motion and reduce swelling often providing lasting back pain relief. Although most insurance plans cover for the cost of physical therapy, they usually cover only certain number of sessions. Be sure to talk with your insurance provider before starting physical therapy sessions.


Being prescription medications, injections are usually covered by most insurance policies. However, there may be limitations as to the frequency and/or number of injections you are covered.

Surgical Procedures

For minimally invasive procedures, such as out-patient or same-day procedures, the insurance policy usually covers the entire cost. Usually, chronic pain surgeries are costly and so you may need to shell out a few bucks. Meanwhile, for more complicated procedures, you may have a hard time getting coverage and may require additional documentation for approval.

When it comes to back pain treatment, sufferers normally require multi-modal treatment. Before you take on any of these treatments, it would help to discuss things with your insurance provider to avoid unexpected medical bills. Different insurance providers frequently have varying policies. Some may cover all treatment forms, while others will only pay for certain treatments. For example, your insurance may cover the costs of purchasing a back massagers (like the ones found on this site), but not physical therapy. Still some insurance providers may pay for all the treatment forms as recommended by the physician.

If ever your claims for chronic pain treatment have been denied, ask for clarifications. Many insurance denials are due to clerical errors or miscommunication between the insurance company and the doctor’s office. In most cases, claims are approved after making corrections or including supporting documents. Discuss with your doctor about filing an appeal for denied claims. You can also ask for recommendations. Be sure to have all supporting documents (such as receipts, medical records, laboratories, etc.) in file. These documents will be helpful in filing an appeal or if ever you need to dispute the incorrect billing.