Home Insurance For Plants And Gardens

May 06, 14 Home Insurance For Plants And Gardens

Garden at backyard or front yard of a home can create excellent landscape and make the home distinguished from others. In the same way, plants at home improve the look of the house as well as let you live healthy. More and more people, therefore, are showing their interest in gardening or plantation at home. It might be a hobby for many, but passion for several others. However, one thing is certain for everyone – that is – everybody who does gardening or plantation at home, loves every single plant or element of their garden. That is why people do not hesitate much to spend huge amount of money in gardening or plantation at home.


However, your beloved plants or garden might be damaged or harmed due to several unexpected incidents like theft, adverse weather, accidents etc. It is not very tough for a buglar to steal one of your expensive and favorite plants from your home or garden. Potted plants or hanging baskets are quite easy for thief to steal. Besides, newly planted tree can easily be removed. Availability of plant stolen market inspires such kind of theft even further.

beautiful gardenApart from theft, there are several other causes that could harm your garden or plants.  Your plants or different elements of garden such as fence, pond, wall, gate, fountain, rockery etc. could be damaged because of falling tree, fire, flooding, and storms or even because of car crash. That is why it is important to insure your plants and garden.

Of course insurance will not cover for your plants if they die because you forget to water them or some other faults made by you. On the other hand, if you use LED or any different kind of grow lights for you plants indoors and something goes wrong with the grow light itself, that can cause fire or any other risk for you or your plants, insurance can cover that.

Otherwise, insuring plants and garden is very good thing to do to get the cover to replace any plant or garden element. Home contents insurance policy could cover for your expensive plants and different elements of your garden. Not all the contents insurance will cover all the garden features. Such insurance policies also vary widely between different insurers.

It is wise to check what will be covered before you opt for any policy to cover your valuable plants and garden features. Though some insurers do not cover them at all, you may ask for including such things with an extra bit of monthly payment. The amount you need to pay per month for such insurance depends mostly on the plants or garden features you want to include in. However, that amount is worth to pay to protect your expensive plants and garden features.


The items that you may include in your home contents insurance policy are – plant, shrub, tree, lawn, hedge, fence, gate, wall, trellis, ponds, fountain. You might have invested a lot of your time, labor and money on above mentioned items in your garden or home. And you do not want them to be spoilt without getting any cover. That is why insuring them with home insurance is good thing to do if you are a plant or garden lover. But do not forget to check every details of such insurance before you go for it. Make sure the insurance covers everything you need. If not, talk to them to include whatever else you need.

photo credit: ukgardenphotos