Insurance Considerations For Home Improvement Projects

Aug 25, 15 Insurance Considerations For Home Improvement Projects

When winter is out of the way, homeowners begin to look at various home improvements they’ve been putting off. Whether it is adding the deck you’ve been eyeing at, installing kitchen cabinets or any other improvements around the home, the costs are bound to escalate. In such a scenario, it is best to verify with the insurance services you’ve availed for your home, before you begin the improvement project. It is necessary to increase the coverage based on the remodeling or improvement you’re planning. Here are some insurance tips to assist you.

New Roof

Replacing your roof may not provide much appeal to the appearance of your home, but it can be beneficial for you on the insurance front. With a new roof, you can bring down the insurance premium for homeowners insurance policy by around 20 percent. The roof is a major factor that influences the policy as roof leaks due to snow, hail, rain and wind are common occurrences causing major amount of losses.

In fact you get more discounts, if you install loss mitigation steps in your roof such as waterproofing, hurricane straps etc. If you’ve wooden beams in the ceiling, using tools such as the oscillating tool at would make the job easier and cost effective too. Make sure you have the right documentation of the upgrades done. The discount or reduction in premiums varies according to the state and company.

DIY advice

In case of DIY projects where you have to do the renovation alone, you need to assume all risks. It is best to review the insurance cover for property and liability. Here are some of the factors to consider

  • If you’re paying friends for the renovation, if they are injured you ‘d be subject to workers’ compensation rules
  • In case your relative or friend helps you out without any money involved, any injury is covered by the homeowners’ policy you have. But remember that homeowner’s policy doesn’t provide main liability protection for such injuries.
  • To prevent any financial difficulty that may arise due to serious injuries to workers, it is better to have umbrella liability cover, which increases the limits of your homeowners’ policy.


If you want to make either furniture made of reclaimed wood as part of your personal home use or for setting up home based business, it is necessary to verify whether your homeowner’s policy covers it. Using appropriate tools helps in safer and efficient improvement work.

For instance, the efficient Rockwell rk-5140k tool provides a smooth and handy tool for use in many home improvement works.  In most cases, you may have to take an endorsement or rider based on how complex the business is. In some cases, such as when your business sees heavy foot traffic, an additional business cover may be required.

Since any renovations, done to home add value to your property and act as an investment on your part, having the right insurance cover combination is vital. It is therefore best to talk with your insurance carrier on whether the home improvements you’re undertaking have the adequate cover and not leave you vulnerable to any loss.