Is Your Garden Insured?

Oct 23, 15 Is Your Garden Insured?

Many homeowners don’t realize how much money they spend on their garden. If you just consider the value of your ornaments, plants and most especially outdoor garden equipment, you’d be dumbfounded at how much your garden really costs.

There are a lot of pricey garden equipment and tools which are often an easy target for burglars – garden tractors, lawnmowers, barbecue grill and even pots.

According to, a review site for garden tractors, an ordinary garden tractor costs around three grand. That’s a huge amount and you definitely want it covered. Further, the garden is also prone to damage from both natural and man-made causes.

But have you ever asked your insurer whether your garden and its items are covered in case of theft or destruction?

While most home insurance policies do cover the garden, the level and amount of coverage often varies – so it’s important to discuss it with your insurer. This is especially true if you are a garden-lover and have spent a huge amount on garden improvements, tool and equipment.

The basic garden toolkit is worth an average of $250 with greenhouses, sheds and patio furniture the priciest items. Most American home gardens will also have barbecue grill, garden ornaments, a lawnmower, children’s toys scattered around the garden, plants and seeds. On average, our “outside rooms” cost around $1,000 to $5,000.

lovely little gardenStandard home policy normally covers damage to fixtures and fittings which include outbuildings, walls, patios, gates, sheds, and fences in your garden.

However, most insurance policies do not cover damage or loss of movable objects; this means, lawnmowers garden, furniture and other items found in your garden are likely not covered. Many assume that these garden items are covered by their insurance only to find out that they are not.

Some policies cover contents of your garage and shed as long as they are kept locked. The problem is that many homeowners undervalue the contents of these outbuildings, much like they do with the contents of their home, thus they often don’t get any claim in case of loss. If you have spent so much on your garden, be realistic when placing the value of your space to avoid being frustrated later on.

Remember that the garden is a target of burglars and also prone to damage. If you are a garden lover, it is best to ask your insurance agent if the policy has specific provisions for garden “contents in the open”. Ask if the policy has exclusions such as expensive plants, pots or damages to plants. Know if your garden is covered in case of damages due to flood or storm.

Many of homeowners just enjoy the beauty of their “outdoor rooms” but do not really keep them covered. If you have spent so much improving your garden, perhaps it is time to have your investment fully covered. Go ahead and talk with your insurer.