Practical Ways to Keep Burglars Away

Oct 18, 15 Practical Ways to Keep Burglars Away

The FBI estimates that a burglary happens every 15 seconds. As such, it is wise to invest in a home security system. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but can also help cut your premiums.

Usually, insurance companies give 5 percent to as much as 20 percent discount for installing burglar alarm, dead-bolt locks and smoke detector. The more sophisticated and higher the level of safety the system provides, the bigger the discounts you can enjoy. You can talk with your insurer which systems they recommend to make the most out of this discount.

But aside from installing professional home security system, you can also do these practical ways to avoid burglary.

Tip 1: Set timer for your lights

When you need to leave your home for a while, you can install and set a timer to turn lights on and off during the day and at nighttime. This makes it appear that someone is at home.

Tip 2: Breakdown packaging

Burglars don’t just loot any random home; they usually do surveillance long before they attack. Don’t make your home their target by leaving expensive cardboard, boxes and empty packaging out at the dumpster. Breakdown all packaging and place them in a receptacle.

Tip 3: Invest in an alarm system

Professionally installed home security system can deter any attempts of intruders. Some alarm systems can even protect your home from fire and water damage. A wireless doorbell installed at every room can be a good alternative as you can press it in case of danger to alert others in your home. If you want to see some of these doorbells, Door Bell Base is a good site to visit.

Tip 4: Keep bushes low

A well manicured garden does not only make a home look beautiful and attractive but also keeps burglars at bay. Shrub, bushes and trees provide a perfect refuge for burglars as they sneak around your home. Make sure your garden plants are regularly trimmed so thieves won’t attempt to sneak around while you’re asleep.

Tip 5: Invest in motion-sensor lighting

If a burglar ever attempts to enter your home, these sensor lights will instantly put them in the spotlight. Sensor lights are very effective deterrents against unwanted intruders.

Tip 6: Add a dog in your household

Dogs are great home buddies as they keep your home safe and secured. They bark at the sign of an intruder which often shoos them away. If you are not into having a dog as pet, then you can pretend to own one by putting a visible sign outside your home. Just the thought of a dog inside the house can intimidate burglars.

Tip 7: Be friends with your neighbors

Nothing can make you feel more secure than knowing someone is looking out on your home. Get to know your neighbors and build trusting relationship with them so that whenever you need to be away, you can have them look after your home.

Combining these practical tips with home security systems can guarantee a safe abode for you and your loved ones!