Quad Copter Insurance

Sep 07, 15 Quad Copter Insurance

Technology is always improving, and there are few places where this is more evident than in aviation. These days, even regular consumers with no flight knowledge can purchase quad copters and other aeronautical devices and fly those around, typically without a care as long as they aren’t harming or snooping on anyone. These flying machines cost much more than the toys many children have grown up with due to better standards, improved materials and similar factors. If you’re a flight enthusiast who is willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a machine, insuring that machine is a must.

Consider for a moment just what machinery actually goes into one of these devises. You have all of the gear necessary to make it airborne and keep it in the air, of course. But in perhaps the majority of cases, quad copters also come with camera elements build into the device, or with spaces allowing for the attachment of such elements. Many of the remote controlled flyers are used for getting a bird’s eye view of a place, or getting other perspectives which would normally be difficult for a person to see. They’re very useful machines, but they’re also very delicate, and sometimes very expensive.

This is why insuring such a device just makes sense. If you’ll have a quick look at http://quadcopterguru.com/ you can see a variety of these machines, as well as selling points about each. It contains a wealth of information about this very specific topic, but more than anything, it will help you to realize just how expensive some of these quad copters can actually be. If you would be willing to spend so much money on buying such an item, paying a paltry sum to quickly get the quad copter replaced if it is lost, stolen or destroyed is just sound planning.

Like many other insurance policies, there are probably ways you could help to reduce the monthly premium you would pay to keep your quad copter covered. Getting lessons in the operation of such vehicles and obtaining certification might help. Also, demonstrating an ability to safely use the device would certainly do some good. The thing is, many countries require no certification or licensing at all to just buy and start using a quad copter or similar device. When no systems exist, it can be difficult to get the proof you need to get the savings talked about here.

The initial argument here remains the same though. For anyone willing to invest the amount of money it takes to purchase a quad copter and get it up and operational, insuring the item only makes sense. Not to do this would be akin to purchasing a used car and leaving it uninsured, or doing the same with a new, cheaper brand of car. Any of these could be very bad financial moves for a person to make, and though there are no guarantees something bad will happen to your investment, having coverage just in case has never harmed anyone before.