Travel Insurance and Food Poisoning

Oct 02, 15 Travel Insurance and Food Poisoning

It’s a nightmare to have your vacation ruined by something and simple as food poisoning, but this happens quite often. The worst thing in this situation is the fact that not only do you lose an opportunity to have some well-deserved rest, but you also lose a great deal of money.

As food poisoning is considered to be a “preventable incident”, quite a few insurance companies word their policies in a way that precludes you from claiming any financial compensation should you suffer from this particular ailment. Therefore, we advise to choose your travel insurance plan with extreme care and study the fine print. A good plan will provide you with a sense of stability that will help alleviate some of the bitter disappointment you will definitely feel if you actually get a food poisoning while abroad.

To get a better chance of claiming compensation from an insurance company in case of food poisoning, you need to understand some things about this condition. It’s true that it’s considered to be preventable, which is the argument that insurers use to refute your claims. One must admit that in many cases, this is actually true, especially when you are at home. Your standard health insurance plan may not cover this particular issue simply because the vast majority of food poisoning cases are caused by poor hygiene and incorrect food storage. In this case, you really can be held responsible for suffering this problem as packing and storing your food properly could prevent the incident.

The tools available nowadays can reduce the risk of food poisoning so much that it really takes very poor judgment and low hygiene standards to incur it. The creation of vacuum sealers should make this problem almost obsolete as this food packaging tool allows you to keep products fresh for a very long time. If you still don’t have this device at home, be sure to check out to learn more about these machines.

However, this level of control over your food is available to you only when you are at home, in your own kitchen, and when you are sure in the origin and quality of products used during the process of cooking. You will not have these benefits when traveling abroad, especially if you are going to visit some developing country.

These countries are renowned for their low standards of hygiene and poor quality of produce. Therefore, developing a food poisoning while on a trip is a serious risk. Although it’s possible to reduce this risk by avoiding food from street stalls and drinking only bottled water, the risk of poisoning is always there, and your travel insurance plan must cover the medical expenses associated with treating it. Make sure that there is a clause in the insurance plan that covers this particular issue.

To get a reimbursement of you medical expenses caused by this problem, you will need to get it documented. This means you have to not only save the receipts for medications but actually enroll into a hospital to get a proof that you were indeed sick and the cause of your condition was food poisoning. Don’t forget to ask the doctor for a prescription. Even if it isn’t necessary to buy the medication in some countries, you will need to file it with your compensation claim.