Why A Private Medical Insurance Is Needed

A health insurance or private medical insurance is a supplementary cover in addition to what you are eligible for in the NHS. Some may have it as part of the employee benefits. If you do not have one, and can pay the insurance premiums, you can decide on availing it.

While health care is provided, free of cost by NHS, if you don’t wish to use NHS, it will be difficult to pay for private medical treatment particularly in case of serious illnesses. A private medical insurance is necessary in such situations.

Insurance cover

The cover provided in the private medical insurance is based on the type of policy you purchase. Basic policy covers the cost of treatments such as surgery in day care, inpatient surgery, and tests. Some of the basic policies also cover cost of consultant and specialist outpatient fees, and can pay a meager fixed amount for every night you stay in hospital (NHS hospital only)

Treatments not covered by the policy

If you have preexisting medical conditions, chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, or HIV related illnesses, organ transplants, adventure sports injuries, war injuries, and cosmetic surgery the policy would not cover. Childbirth and pregnancy costs too are not covered. Taking proper care of health can reduce the treatment costs largely. For instance, control of blood sugar will prevent most of the complications that need costly treatments. Similarly back pain can lead to several costly treatment modalities, if you do not take the necessary measure to right your posture. Posture Braces help a great deal in correcting your posture and alleviating back pain and discomfort.

When private medical insurance is not needed

respect doctors - they make your life betterWhen you depend on NHS for all your health care needs, or have insurance through employee benefits, private medical insurance is not needed. Also in case you are not able to pay the premium because your finances restrict you to pay home and car insurance only, or you don’t have enough savings or have debts to take care of, a private medical insurance will add to your burden.

The insurance is also not necessary, if you are able to pay for the individual treatments, as this would be more cost effective than paying regular premiums.  If your child needs immediate and priority treatment on NHS too, you will not need private medical insurance. In general, the necessity for the insurance depends on the policy you want to purchase.

Advantages of medical insurance

A private medical insurance will help you get specialist opinion for specialized care. You can make the advanced tests and scans that may not be available under NHS cover. The insurance can be used to reduce the waiting time for the treatment, which is mostly a long one with NHS.  You can also choose the hospital and surgeon you want to consult with.

Getting a private room and specialist treatment and drugs is easier with the medical insurance taken privately. And in case you need physiotherapy sessions, quicker access is possible.

A private medical cover is of great value, when you are in need of expensive and specialist treatment. For sports enthusiasts, the type of specialist treatment needed is not accessible with NHS, so a private health care cover is necessary.